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    28 May 2023

    Karriss Artingstall triumphs over Jade Taylor in eight-round bout on the step-up level

    Olympic Bronze Medallist Proves Dominance Against Unbeaten Opponent

    Karriss Artingstall secured a convincing victory over unbeaten opponent, Jade Taylor in their recent eight-round boxing match. The Olympic bronze medallist showed control and precision throughout the fight.

    Taylor was not only the first undefeated fighter that Artingstal had faced but also presented a new challenge being an uncharted territory for rounds as well.

    Judgement of Distance Key to Victory:

    The moment the bell rang for round one, it was clear that judgement of distance would be crucial. From the outset,Taylor struggled to connect with punches as Artinstgale set herself up perfectly to keep out of harm’s way and allow incoming blows from her opponent to fall short.

    In Control From The Third Round Onwards:

    In the third round,Atringtsal began weaving forward and back with more power behind each punch,strategically escaping from Taylor’s attacks to land her own forceful blows. She began pinning Taylor down with jabs and driving her towards the ropes.

    The left cross and lead hooks came in rapid succession, landing effectively on both the body and head of the Salford boxer.These painful strikes visibly jolted Taylor’s head back as she struggled to hold on against the onslaught from Artingstall.

    A Clear Decision:

    Throughout all eight rounds, Artingstall continued to pluck out clear blows. By round four,she was already dominating proceedings with a big lead right hitting home followed by multiple straight lefts which looked extremely dangerous for Taylor.

    In what proved to be the final round of the bout,Artingstall landed her hard left cross almost at will as well as smacking in a powerful right hook making it evident that there could only be one winner when it came time for the referee’s decision. Karriss Artingstall clearly won 79-72 on points .

    Fans Respond To Karriss’ Performance:

    Kariss Argingstal’s incredible performance did not go unnoticed by fans who have taken to social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook commenting that “the Olympic bronze medallist is proving herself an unstoppable force” while others describe her current form as being “unmatched” .

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