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    26 May 2023

    Lawrence Okolie vs Chris Billam-Smith: Bournemouth Stadium Advantage Could Help Rival, Says Nelson

    Two British boxers – Lawrence Okolie and Chris Billam-Smith – are all set to face each other in the ring this Saturday. The fight is expected to take place at the Vitality Stadium in Bournemouth. Many believe that fighting on home turf can be a massive advantage for any athlete.

    The Pressure of Fighting at Home

    In an interview, one of the journalists stated that fighting in front of your own fans can put immense pressure on you. While some athletes thrive under such conditions, others may crumble due to lack of confidence or inability to deal with the pressure. However, Billam-Smith seems like one who rises up to such challenges instead of crumbling under them.

    Nelson cited a previous fight between Billam-Smith and Armend Xhoxhaj back in December 2022 as evidence of his ability to perform well under pressure. In that bout which was also held at the Vitality Stadium, he rose up and delivered an emphatic knockout victory.

    A Dream Come True for Local Boy

    Billiam’s wish was always clear – he wanted nothing more than boxing before his hometown crowd because he moved promotional camps just so he could do just that. Now it seems like everything is falling into place as he readies himself for what will no doubt be an intense showdown against reigning WBO cruiserweight champion Lawrence Okolie.

    Beware What You Wish For?

    Fighting at a stadium and facing off against a formidable opponent like Okolie is no easy task, especially when the pressure to perform is heightened by the prospect of becoming a town hero. However, Nelson seems confident in Billam-Smith’s abilities and believes that he can pull it off if everything falls into place.

    Okolie Has Proven Punch Power

    Despite acknowledging the potential advantages for Billam-Smith, Johnny Nelson ultimately sided with Lawrence Okolie as his prediction for winner due to his proven track record of punch power. He believes that “paperwork” will win this bout and expects Okolie’s height advantage and superior technique will help him carry over Billiam Smith on Saturday night.

    Bournemouth – A Special Place

    In any case, fans are guaranteed an exciting fight between two high-level boxers at one of England’s most beloved venues. Bournemouth has always been special to Nelson who spoke highly of its charm: “Chris Billam-Smith boxed my mate last time (at Vitality Stadium), and I want him to win so I can go back again! Bournemouth is ridiculous.”

    The fight promises great excitement regardless of who wins or loses; be sure not to miss out on all the action come Saturday night.

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