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    15 June 2023

    Leeds United acquisition: Golf stars Rickie Fowler, Jordan Spieth, and Justin Thomas interested in investing with 49ers Enterprises.

    Top US golfers investing in Leeds United

    In a move that has sparked surprise among the sports community, three of America’s top golfers are set to invest in English football team Leeds United. Rickie Fowler, Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas have all expressed interest in joining an investment group led by 49ers Enterprises. The American company has agreed on a £170m deal to buy out chairman Andrea Radrizzani’s controlling stake.

    The trio of golfers have been turned into avid supporters of the Yorkshire-based club by fellow golfer Matt Fitzpatrick’s caddie Billy Foster, who hails from the region.

    The previous agreement between Radrizzani and 49ers Enterprises was worth about £400m but negotiations restarted after Leeds’ relegation from the Premier League on the final day of last season caused them to drop back down into the Championship.

    American Golf Trio Potential New Investors for Leeds United

    Rickie Fowler recently revealed he is one-third of an American triumvirate looking at investing in one-time Premier League stalwarts; fallen giants -Leeds united as part of their takeover bid headed by San Francisco based consortium ‘49er enterprises’. A cool hundred-and-seventy million pounds will be required for Ricky and co.’s dream-team takeover plans should they come through – which given recent developments might not seem as far-fetched as it would’ve done previously.

    Golfing Champions Linked To Football Takeover

    Jordan Speith and Justin Thomas are also rumoured to be involving themselves in the exciting new sports venture, with all three having been converted into Leeds fans by English golfing star Matt Fitzpatrick’s caddie Billy Foster who is originally from Yorkshire. Fowler expressed his enthusiasm for the potential deal, saying: “It’s cool to have these opportunities… It would be fun if we get to be a part of it, if not we’ll continue to root for Leeds.”

    Leeds United Buyout Deal

    The investment arm of NFL’s San Francisco 49ers bought a 15% stake in Leeds back in May 2018 and then increased that percentage up to an impressive forty-four percent this year (2021). The current Chairman Andrea Radrizzani had purchased the club outright just four years ago at £45m before selling off controlling stakes which now stand at fifty-six percent.

    Despite their relegation from the Premier League last season – which saw them go back down into Championship territory – talks between Radrizzani and consortium representatives restarted after negotiations were halted due to their return trip home.

    Golfers Turned Football Investors?

    The move has certainly raised eyebrows among both football and golf aficionados alike; given its unusualness as well as its implications for what could become one of England’s most loved football teams. What remains unclear is how much involvement Fowler et al will have should they acquire some or all of Radrizzani’s shares. However, one thing that is certain is that this newly forged relationship between two seemingly disparate worlds can only help promote each other further towards greatness.

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