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    06 June 2023

    Legendary Sprinter Jim Hines Passes Away at the Age of 76

    The World Mourns the Loss of Jimmie “The Jet” Hines

    Saturday marked a sad day for track and field enthusiasts worldwide as news spread that Jimmie “The Jet” Hines had passed away at the age of 76. Widely regarded as one of the most influential athletes in the sport’s history, his impact on sprinting can still be felt to this day.

    Breaking Records and Barriers

    Hailing from Oakland, California, Hines was born with a natural talent for running. However, it wasn’t until June of 1968 when he truly made his mark on history by becoming the first person ever to run a sub-10 second hand-timed 100m dash at the US Championships in Sacramento.

    But it was during the Summer Olympics held later that year in Mexico City where he cemented his legacy forever. Running against some of the fastest men on earth, including Canadian Harry Jerome and Trinidadian Wendell Mottley, Hines broke yet another barrier by being timed electronically under ten seconds – an incredible feat back then! His time clocked in at exactly 9.95 seconds – a world record that stood unbroken for fifteen years!

    A True Champion On and Off The Track

    Jimmie’s success didn’t stop there though; He also won gold medals for anchoring America’s relay team alongside Ronnie Ray Smith (who ran an astonishing third leg) Charles Greene & Mel Pender who together shattered records finishing with a time of just over 38 seconds.

    But beyond his incredible accomplishments on the track, Hines was known for being an inspiration to many. He remained humble and gracious throughout his career, often speaking out against racism in sports and supporting young athletes from disadvantaged communities.

    The Legacy Lives On

    Today, Jimmie remains a legend in the world of athletics. His records may have been broken but his spirit lives on through every athlete that takes to the track with determination and grit.

    We mourn his passing but celebrate all he achieved both as an athlete and humanitarian – forever changing the face of sprinting and inspiring generations to come.

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