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    15 May 2023

    Leicester City vs Liverpool: Jurgen Klopp Looks to Repeat Previous Success While Dean Smith Urges Team to Battle Onward

    Liverpool’s Champions League Hopes Hang in the Balance Ahead of Leicester Clash

    The tension is high as Jurgen Klopp and his Liverpool side gear up for an important Premier League showdown against struggling Leicester City. With only three games left to play, Klopp admits that it would take a miracle for them to make it into this year’s UEFA Champions League.Liverpool currently sits at fifth place on the league table, trailing behind Manchester United and Newcastle by four points. This makes Monday night’s match all the more crucial for their chances of qualifying for Europe’s elite club competition next season. However, their opponents are not going down without a fight – with two points adrift from safety at the bottom of the table; The Foxes will be looking to secure a win and keep their survival hopes alive.Klopp acknowledges that it has been difficult getting back into contention after weeks of falling behind but maintains that they have remained committed towards their goal:
    “I knew weeks ago it was completely out of sight,” he said. “I couldn’t see it at all, but that did not mean we would not try to get closer. That’s the only thing we did, we got closer.”
    Liverpool fans know what miracles can happen when Klopp is in charge – many still recall how his team managed an impressive come-back against Barcelona during 2019’s Champion’s league semi-final – overturning a 3-0 first-leg deficit. The coach expressed fond memories of the tournament:
    “Everyone involved will never forget it in our entire lives,” he said.
    However, with only three games left to play, and their fate no longer entirely within their control, Klopp has urged his team to do everything they can. Liverpool must win all three games while hoping that either Newcastle or Manchester United might slip up along the way.
    “Now we have to win but that does not mean anything changes because the other teams could win all their games.”
    The Foxes’ boss Dean Smith is under immense pressure as well after last Monday’s 5-3 defeat by Fulham saw them back into the relegation zone; With a tough end-of-season schedule ahead – Leicester faces off against Newcastle next before hosting West Ham – they need points if they are going to stay in England’s top flight for another year.Liverpool still has a chance at making it into this year’s UEFA Champions League but they’ll need a lot of luck on their side. Klopp acknowledges that getting there would be nothing short of miraculous given how things have turned out during what many consider “a bad season”. With such slim chances, every game counts now more than ever. Will Liverpool prevail? Only time will tell!

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