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    04 November 2023

    Live Updates: Brazilian Grand Prix Sprint Shootout in Progress

    The Battle Continues at Interlagos

    The final triple header of the 2023 season is set to conclude with a thrilling showdown at Interlagos. As the chequered flag falls on Sunday’s grand prix, only two races remain in this action-packed year. While Max Verstappen and Red Bull have already secured their respective titles, the fight for second place in the drivers’ standings between Lewis Hamilton and Sergio Perez is heating up.

    But it’s not just the battle at the top that has us intrigued. The competition at the bottom of the constructors’ standings is intensifying as well. The margins separating teams like Williams, AlphaTauri, Alfa Romeo, and Haas have been closing in recent events. Every point matters as these teams push themselves to climb higher in the rankings.

    Yesterday’s qualifying session was affected by rain but didn’t dampen our excitement. Verstappen emerged as a frontrunner once again, displaying his prowess behind the wheel under challenging conditions.

    To add even more spice to this weekend’s event, we have sprint qualifying before Sunday’s race! This unique format has brought an extra level of unpredictability throughout this season. The sixth and final sprint race is scheduled to start at 6:30pm GMT following sprint qualifying earlier in the day at 2:00pm GMT.

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