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    03 June 2023

    London Irish Rugby Club Faces Winding-Up Petition from HMRC over Financial Woes

    London Irish Receives Winding-up Petition Due to Unpaid Tax Bill

    London Irish, the ailing Premiership rugby club, is under threat of suspension from the English top-flight rugby competition due to an unpaid tax bill. The HM Revenue & Customs recently served them with a winding-up petition over their debt. Although given until 6 June by the Rugby Football Union for London Irish Holdings Limited and London Irish Rugby Football Ground Limited to complete a proposed takeover, on Friday petitions were filed at the High Court against both companies.

    To avoid suspension from the league, they need to finalize their takeover or show proof that they have sufficient funds up until 2023-24 season end. With no clear solution in sight yet, it’s uncertain what will happen next for this once-promising team. The UK government has appointed independent advisers aimed at helping preserve England’s professional game after last season’s failures of Worcester and Wasps.

    As part of RFU’s latest deadline, they must pay all staff and player salaries in full before May-end—currently only 50% received so far. An American consortium interested in taking over the team has been discussing its acquisition with RFU but hasn’t provided any evidence of financial capability essential for approval yet. Stay tuned as we provide further coverage on this developing story!

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