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    23 May 2023

    Manchester City’s WSL future in jeopardy after disappointing Champions League campaign

    The Perplexing State of Manchester City Women’s Super League

    Manchester City, one of the top teams in the Women’s Super League (WSL), faces a daunting challenge as they battle for a place in Europe. The team has been struggling to find consistency throughout the season and is now on the brink of not qualifying for Champions League.

    This year has seen significant changes in Taylor’s squad as many star players have left, including some Lionesses who played an influential role last year. The departure of such experienced players affected both defense and midfield positions.

    “They lost their entire midfield,” said tactical analyst Michael Cox. “They’ve got some really exciting attacking players but the midfield isn’t anywhere near good enough compared to Arsenal or Manchester United.”

    Taylor expressed concern over his side’s lack of time to iron out creases caused by this transitional phase after Nils Nielsen was appointed director of football at City last summer.

    A Chance Lost?

    Inexperienced performances early in the season put pressure on Taylor, despite speaking about title ambitions before it started. However, when things seemed back on track with wins against Reading and West Ham, he urged his team to push harder for goals rather than relying solely on goal difference.

    But then things went downhill when they faced defeats from Aston Villa and Chelsea which changed everything leading up until this point.

    All Hope Is Not Lost

    If there is any hope left for Manchester City fans, it lies with Khadija Shaw’s prolific performance this season so far. They still sit third thanks largely due that cushion over fifth-placed Aston Villa however four points behind rivals Arsenal who are seeking better European qualification,

    The team has a real fight ahead of them to secure their spot in Champions League 2021-22, but with the right attitude and some luck on their side, they may just make it.


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