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    01 June 2023

    Manchester Derby versus Football’s Most Intense Rivalries: A Comparison on the FA Cup Final Stage

    The Battle of Manchester: City vs. United in the FA Cup Final

    The city of Manchester is divided, as the blue side and red side prepare to face off in the first all-Manchester FA Cup final. Manchester City’s takeover by Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Mansour in 2008 marked a turning point for this historic rivalry. It has been a decade since fortunes changed hands, and now it is City who are looking to edge closer to winning a treble. As Premier League champions, they head into Saturday’s final against their old rivals with confidence high. But United are not ready to let them have it easy – they aim to prevent City from equalling their own unprecedented achievement. This clash will be one for the ages. Let us take a look at some of the other city derbies around the world that come close to matching up with this intense rivalry.

    Derby della Madonnina – AC Milan vs Inter Milan

    When two teams share such an iconic football stadium, there will always be fireworks on derby day. The Derby della Madonnina between bitter foes AC Milan and Inter Milan takes place at San Siro Stadium in Italy. This fixture is likened by fans of both sides to cousins battling it out rather than enemies – there is something special about when family members go head-to-head! It seems fitting that one team was formed after breaking away from the other, but both clubs still call San Siro home turf today. Fans create an electric atmosphere on match days so charged that even San Siro shakes underfoot during choreographed fan celebrations!

    Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur – North London Derby

    Just four miles separate Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium from Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in north London creating another fierce local derby driven by proximity alone. Arsenal boasts three league titles over Tottenham’s two along with more silverware in general, resulting in their fans enjoying plenty of celebrations at Tottenham’s expense. This fixture has seen its fair share of controversial transfers over the years with players risking fan wrath by crossing the divide and joining their arch-rivals. Most notably, Sol Campbell moved from Tottenham to Arsenal just to win silverware.

    Rangers vs Celtic – The Old Firm Derby

    The Glasgow derby between Rangers and Celtic is not your average rivalry – it runs deep on and off the field! These two Scottish teams are each other’s biggest rivals for silverware. Despite historical religious differences and occasional fan violence that mars this fixture, it never fails to disappoint in passion, entertainment or incident. Winning trophies or stopping your rival claiming them adds motivation for both sides as fierce competitors keep playing!

    Sevilla FC vs Real Betis- El Gran Derbi

    Fought between red and white Sevilla FC and green-and-white club Real Betis Balompie based out of Seville (nicknamed ‘the frying pan of Spain’), El Gran Derbi brings plenty of fire power but local flair too! Local boy Jesus Navas leads the home team while Joaquin retires leading his hometown side against a formidable opponent they know well. With no room for split loyalties when derby day arrives It’s a rumble that keeps everyone on edge until final whistle blows!

    Boca Juniors v River Plate – Superclasico

    One cannot talk about local derbies without mentioning Boca Juniors v River Plate -Superclasico– an Argentinean football classic full of surprises! Fans around the world clamor to watch these two giants battle. With unpredictable twists around every corner like unexpected goal scoring shots ,it is a match where anything can happen which makes viewers sit tight till end credits roll down !

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