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    15 May 2023

    Manchester United’s Sabitzer out for season with knee injury

    Marcel Sabitzer, the Austrian midfielder on loan to Manchester United from Bayern Munich, has been ruled out for the rest of the season after sustaining a knee injury. Despite only being at Old Trafford since January, he has made quite an impression both on and off the pitch.

    No Decision Made Yet About Permanent Signing

    The club has not yet decided whether to make his move permanent in summer or not as it will depend heavily on how he recovers from this serious setback.

    A Big Loss For The Red Devils

    This is clearly bad news for Manchester United fans and players alike who appreciate his contribution so far. Although they won the Carabao Cup together, Sabitzer will miss crucial Premier League games against Bournemouth, Chelsea and Fulham as well as June’s FA Cup final against Manchester City.

    The Struggle Continues Without Him This Season

    Sabitzer last appeared at West Ham where unfortunately Man Utd lost by one goal – their struggle continues without him. It remains to be seen whether other players can step up in his absence.

    In Conclusion

    This is unfortunate news for Manchester United who have struggled in some areas this year. However, they must continue to work hard without him and hope their efforts pay off soon. No doubt that many supporters around the world are eagerly anticipating the return of Marcel Sabitzer next season!

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