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    18 June 2023

    Marc Marquez forced to sit out MotoGP German Grand Prix due to multiple crashes.

    The Bruising Weekend for Honda Rider Marquez

    The Germany Grand Prix weekend proved to be a tough one for Honda rider Marc Marquez, as he experienced multiple crashes throughout the event. The latest of which occurred during morning warm-up, leaving him with a fractured hand.

    Crashes in FP2 and Qualifying Sessions

    During FP2, while pushing hard to secure a lap time that would get him into Q2, Marquez crashed and took out Pramac’s Johann Zarco as he exited pit lane. Both riders were unharmed but exchanged heated words as Marquez placed blame on Zarco.

    Later that evening, FIM stewards issued a notification stating it was solely the responsibility of competitors exiting pit lane to remain aware of any incoming traffic into Turn 1. Despite this incident, Marquez continued on through qualifying sessions only to face more crashes during both sessions resulting in his eventual seventh place starting position on race day.

    Tough Race Day Conditions Lead To More Struggles

    Race day did not prove much easier for Marquez who briefly ran fifth in the 15-lap sprint before several early warnings forced him to back off ultimately leading him plummeting down eleven positions. In reflection after race day concluded, he stated that considering all his previous crashes over the weekend – taking such risks didn’t justify poor results.

    Fifth Crash During Warm-Up Session Seals A Disappointing Weekend

    In the final warm-up session, Marquez experienced his fifth and final crash of a difficult weekend. This time he was flung from his Honda while going through Turn 6.

    While Marquez may have endured many crashes over the German GP weekend, it is not yet clear how this will impact him in future races. Nevertheless, fans are hopeful for a quick recovery and an eventual return to form.

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