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    16 June 2023

    Marquez Frustrated After Zarco Causes Collision at Germany MotoGP Practice Session Exit Pit

    Marquez and Zarco Incident Creates Controversy at Sachsenring

    The second free practice session at the Sachsenring circuit in Germany saw a controversial incident between Honda rider Marc Marquez and Ducati’s Johann Zarco. The incident occurred when Marquez lost control of his bike while entering Turn 1, causing it to skid off the track. At that moment, Zarco was exiting pitlane, and unfortunately, he collided with Marquez’s Honda as it veered across the track.

    Fortunately for both riders, neither of them sustained any injuries from this high-speed accident. However, tensions rose after the crash as each rider had their own opinion on who was responsible for what happened.

    “If somebody could have avoided that situation, it was Johann,” says Marquez

    In an interview following the crash, Marc Marquez expressed his frustrations with Zarco’s behavior leading up to the accident. He claimed that since Zarco was leaving pit lane during a crucial moment in the practice session, he should have been more aware of potential oncoming traffic before entering Turn 1.

    “The guy that is coming out of the pitlane is the guy who needs to watch behind,” said Marquez. “And if somebody is coming towards you – especially in those last minutes – you need to stop in your tracks.”

    Zarco responded by stating that he couldn’t see what caused Marquez to lose control until after he had already exited pit lane.

    A Frustrating Day for Marc Márquez

    The collision with Zarco wasn’t Marc Márquez’s only issue during Friday practice sessions at Sachsenring; earlier in FP2 (Free Practice Two) there were several moments where his bike almost went out of control.

    After saving a near-crash incident at Turn 11, Marquez was so angry and frustrated that he showed his bike the middle finger. When asked about it later, he explained that his adrenaline was through the roof from all of the close calls during practice sessions.

    The Aftermath

    Marquez’s crash with Zarco has been met with mixed reactions from fans and experts alike. Some have criticized him for being too aggressive on the track while others argue that Zarco should have taken more precautions when leaving pit lane.

    Regardless of who is ultimately deemed responsible for this incident, both riders are lucky to have walked away unscathed. As always in motorsport, safety is crucially important.

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