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    17 June 2023

    Marquez: Honda’s F1 Involvement is not Affecting MotoGP Project.

    Honda’s Dire Period in MotoGP Continues, Marc Marquez Remains Hopeful for Improvement

    Japanese motorcycle manufacturer Honda is currently experiencing a slump in its performance in the premier class of motorcycle racing – MotoGP. Two out of the last four years have seen the brand go winless and all of HRC’s stable struggle on its troubled RC213V.

    The current season has been particularly tough for six-time world champion Marc Marquez who only has 15 points to his credit having crashed out of podium contention once again at Italy’s Mugello circuit.

    Increased F1 Involvement Not Detrimental To MotoGP Project, Says Marquez

    Honda’s struggles come as it expands into other forms of motorsport including Formula One where it will return fully as an engine manufacturer with Aston Martin from 2026. Despite this, Marquez insists that increased involvement in F1 is not harming its MotoGP project and hopes that it can prove to be a boost.

    “I see them [working] and little things are coming; sometimes they work and sometimes not, but I see them with interest [in the project]. If they did not have it, the bosses would not come [to speak to me],” says Marquez about Honda’s commitment to motorcycles despite their recent troubles.

    In fact, during the Italian GP weekend earlier this month, Marquez held a meeting with Honda Motor Company’s second-highest ranking boss Shinji Aoyama and HRC president Koji Watanabe about how they could improve their performance. Although upgrades may take time, Marquez remains hopeful that the recent merger of Honda’s car and bike departments will help improve their MotoGP project.


    The current season has been a disappointing one for Honda in MotoGP; however, six-time world champion Marc Marquez is not giving up hope. He remains optimistic about the future and believes that little changes can make significant differences. With increased involvement in Formula One, only time will tell if this move helps or hinders Honda’s success in motorcycle racing.

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