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    21 June 2023

    Marquez-Honda Split: Why It’s the Only Way Forward for MotoGP’s Reigning Champions

    Is Marquez’s Partnership with Honda Coming to an End?

    A puzzling question has been circulating in the MotoGP world after Marc Marquez’s recent performance at Sachsenring. His partnership with Honda, once considered unbeatable, is now under scrutiny due to his lackluster results.

    The Painful Decisions

    Last weekend’s race was a painful one for Marquez as he made two difficult decisions that would affect his future significantly. The first decision was to back off during the sprint race and finish in eleventh place instead of risking another crash. He explained that it wasn’t worth taking risks for anything less than a podium finish. Unfortunately, despite his caution, he crashed again during the warm-up session on Sunday morning due to electronic issues on his bike.

    After visiting the medical center at Sachsenring, he received clearance from doctors to participate in the main event despite having a small fracture on his thumb. However, an hour before the start of the race itself, he withdrew from participating altogether citing feeling unprepared rather than physical injury as being responsible for this outcome.

    The Growing Frustration

    Marquez has had a challenging season so far and finds himself struggling against stiff competition while competing without proper tools provided by HRC – Honda Racing Corporation which have contributed towards subpar performances lately.

    “I feel like I am not fighting for top positions or even victory,” said Marquez recently when asked about how things are going with HRC.

    “It’s time to understand why other manufacturers are faster than us.”


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