Working Together to Improve the Game

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta believes that managers and referees must join forces in order to enhance the quality of football matches.

In a recent misconduct case, Arteta was found not guilty by the Football Association after his comments about Newcastle’s controversial winning goal against Arsenal. He described the video assistant referee’s decision as “embarrassing” and “a disgrace.”

“It’s not about ‘them’, it’s ‘we’. We want to do the game better. We’re all in this together,” Arteta said during his hearing.

The independent Regulatory Commission accepted Arteta’s defense that he did not intend to bring disrepute to the game, resulting in him being cleared of charges.

Learning from Past Incidents

Moving forward, Arteta stressed that there is a need for constructive dialogue between officials, clubs, players, and technology providers on how to improve various aspects of the game.

“How can we improve on the touchline to make life easier on the players’ side? From their [officials’] side, technology-wise, from clubs as well,” Arteta stated.

Supporting Referees in the Pursuit of Improvement

Arteta emphasized that referees play a vital role in the development and progress of football, highlighting the importance of unity instead of division.

“It’s not about separate people trying to do their bits. That’s not going to work. We have to do it together,” he expressed.

Managers’ Responsibility as Role Models

The Arsenal boss acknowledged that managers have a significant duty when it comes to setting an example both on and off the pitch. He also noted that their job security often depends on key decisions being made correctly.

“It’s part of our role to conduct ourselves in the best way and represent the game, our league, and our clubs in the best possible way,” said Arteta.