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    18 June 2023

    Miller Takes a Jab at Competitors in MotoGP for Overreacting

    The European Manufacturers Dominating 2023 MotoGP Season

    As the 2023 MotoGP season progresses, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the Japanese manufacturers are struggling to keep up with their European counterparts. Yamaha has only managed one podium finish in seven rounds, while Honda’s win at the Americas GP with Alex Rins seems like a distant memory.

    This shift in balance on the grid towards European manufacturers has been noticeable over the past year, with Ducati leading from KTM and Aprilia. However, the German Grand Prix weekend proved particularly bruising for Honda as they were two riders down after Joan Mir and Rins suffered injuries in separate incidents.

    Meanwhile, five crashes for Marc Marquez meant he had to withdraw from Sunday’s race. When asked about his rivals’ struggles, Jack Miller of Red Bull KTM Factory Racing took a dig at them by saying:

    “We’re [KTM] the only ones not complaining about our motorcycles and we’re actually trying to do something about it to fix it. All they do is throw their toys out of their cot and say ‘my bike is shit’. It’s simple as that.”

    Miller didn’t specify who “they” referred to but implied that other manufacturers were responsible for their own failures because they made changes without proper planning or consultation.

    Moving back onto KTM itself though; Miller led through some early corners during Sunday’s German GP before having an unfortunate scare through Turn 11 on lap one which dropped him down to fourth place – ultimately finishing sixth behind five Ducatis due in part because of its lack of speed compared with those Italian bikes:

    “We’re missing a little bit,” he explained. “I was pushing my maximum when I had a moment and got caught up in the group there. We’ve had decent pace all weekend, [I’m] just missing that little bit of outright speed. We were closer here than we were in Mugello, but just missing those first couple of laps, a tenth there, a tenth here.”

    Despite struggling for early race speed compared to other manufacturers’ bikes like Ducatis’, Miller still believes KTM has potential and remains optimistic about the future:

    “Those Ducatis in front are able to find that little bit extra pace and then button it down. Ours is rather consistent the whole way through. It’s not bad, but it’s not good in the beginning.”

    The 2023 MotoGP season continues with races across Europe over the coming weeks.

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