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    13 June 2023

    “MotoGP Racer Endures Vomiting Episode During Mugello Circuit Event”

    Bizarre Circumstances for Raul Fernandez at Mugello

    Raul Fernandez, the Spanish MotoGP rider had a weekend filled with puzzlement and discontinuity. After crashing heavily twice on Saturday during practice sessions, things only seemed to get worse from thereon.

    A Disappointing Qualifying Round

    Starting in the nineteenth position after qualifying was not what Fernandez had hoped for. He struggled to make any headway during the race and finished seventeenth overall.

    Sleepless Nights Ahead of Race Day

    Fernandez’s crashes took a toll on him both mentally and physically; he could barely sleep much due to pain resulting from his accidents. To help alleviate some of this discomfort, MotoGP doctors gave him medication that would aid in reducing pain levels leading up to race day.

    Mugello’s Intense Heat Causes Even More Problems

    The extreme heat experienced at Mugello grand prix exacerbated his situation even further. During one point in the race, while chasing Maverick Vinales along with Miguel Oliveira with Aleix Espargaro ahead of them all – something inexplicable happened.

    The Unthinkable Happens!

    Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, Fernandez became sick inside his crash helmet leaving it dirty and impairing his vision severely! This near-disastrous incident almost led him into colliding with Tech3’s Augusto Fernandez who passed by just then.

    “I Almost Took Augusto With Me!”

    Fernandez revealed how close he came to tangling with fellow rider Augusto when he said: “I tried holding on but I almost took Augusto with me when he passed me. I couldn’t see anything inside the helmet; it was just too dirty!”

    Disappointed, But Still Determined!

    Despite his challenging circumstances, Fernandez refused to make excuses or put the blame on anyone else but himself. He maintained that he did everything possible to represent his team and Aprilia as best as he could.

    In conclusion, Raul Fernandez’s ordeal at Mugello was nothing short of bizarre. From crashing twice during practices to experiencing extreme discomfort leading up to race day – only for things to take an unexpected turn during the grand prix itself!

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