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    19 June 2023

    Nakagami admits to feeling uneasy after witnessing Marquez’s crash during MotoGP warm-up in Germany

    Marquez’s Woes Continue at Sachsenring as Nakagami Struggles

    The MotoGP weekend at the Sachsenring was a miserable one for Marc Marquez. The eight-time world champion had five crashes and suffered a small fracture on his thumb after the last tumble. This injury ultimately forced him to withdraw from Sunday’s race, leaving Takaaki Nakagami as the only Honda rider on the grid.

    A Scary Incident:

    Nakagami witnessed Marquez’s final crash up close during Sunday’s warm-up session, and it left him feeling spooked. According to Nakagami, Marquez “wasn’t overriding” when he lost control of his bike. From behind, everything looked normal until he suddenly lost traction and had a massive highside that resulted in his injury.

    The incident scared Nakagami since he rides the same bike and has felt similar sensations before. Although he didn’t suffer any injuries this time around, there were moments where things could have easily gone wrong for him too.

    Nakagami’s Performance:

    In contrast to Marquez’s struggles, Takaaki Nakagami managed to finish in 14th place with an unimpressive ending rank of 17th starting off during Sunday’s race. He said that given how limited their current Honda is – he “couldn’t ride better”.

    Lackluster Performance Due To Bike Limitations:

    Nakagmi explained further that they couldn’t find any solutions throughout the weekend despite trying their best. The gap between where they are and where they want to be is massive, and without significant improvements from HRC after the summer break, things don’t look too promising for them.

    Hoping For Better After Summer Break:

    At the moment Takaaki Nakagami needs to take a step back as he understands that it’s important to finish races since nobody else can ride for Honda if he gets injured. He knows that providing crucial data on what went wrong with his bike’s current performance will help develop better solutions in the future.

    The team at Honda already has an understanding of what needs improvement: stable rear tires, less movement in general, and greater control during acceleration- all these factors need addressing before next season starts.

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