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    18 June 2023

    Norwegian Spectacle Reignites Hopes of Euro Championship Comeback, Writes Steven Thompson

    Scotland’s Victory over Norway – A Sign of Things to Come?

    As a nation, Scotland has been known for its trepidation and fear when it comes to sports. However, as the Scottish football team left the Ullevaal Stadion victorious on Saturday night, there was no hint of that usual feeling from the fans. The victory over Norway was incredible and put them atop the Euro 2024 qualifying Group A table with three wins from three.

    The Key to Success

    It’s hard not to get excited about this group of players under Steve Clarke’s leadership. The players have shown immense spirit and belief in their abilities, which is reflected in their performance on-field. They delivered a phenomenal night when all looked lost against Norway.

    A Never-Say-Die Attitude

    In Oslo, the players showed another side to the Scotland team – a never-say-die attitude that is an excellent addition moving forward. It’s clear what playing for Scotland means to these players as they’ve had a different camp this time around in terms of meeting up early and getting good training in Spain.

    The Importance of Points on Board Early On

    Taking home even just one point from Oslo would have been pivotal; however, coming away with a win puts them into such a strong position at this stage in the competition. To follow up their marquee win over Spain with an equally impressive result against Norway speaks volumes about their capabilities as a team.

    A Return to Glory?

    While it can be tempting for Scotland fans always wary of potential heartbreaks ahead, there is genuine positivity surrounding this group of players. They have a challenging end to their qualifying campaign with three out of four final games away from home, making getting points on the board early on even more vital.


    In conclusion, Scotland’s victory over Norway was nothing short of magnificent. The team has shown immense belief in their abilities and spirit throughout the competition so far under Steve Clarke’s leadership, and it is clear that there are exciting things to come for Scottish football fans.

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