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    15 June 2023

    Over 30 U23 Giro d’Italia Participants Disqualified for Drafting on Team Vehicles and Motorcycles

    Controversy at the Under-23 Giro d’Italia: Riders Disqualified for Cheating

    In a stunning turn of events, thirty-one riders have been disqualified from the Under-23 Giro d’Italia for cheating on stage four. The race has been thrown into disarray as spectators captured footage of multiple riders holding onto team cars and motorbikes during the summit finish on Passo dello Stelvio.

    The fallout from this incident has affected fifteen out of the thirty-five teams competing in the eight-stage race, also known as “Baby Giro.” Among those disqualified is Noah Hobbs, a promising rider from Britain’s Groupama-FDJ team. Lotto-Dstny development team leader Tijl de Decker and Colpack-Ballan’s Davide Persico were also punished for their actions.

    Race Organizers Take Action

    Race organizers initially disqualified twenty-four riders after assessing the footage but that number later rose to thirty-one. This decisive action was praised by world governing body UCI who expressed full support for their decision.

    Cycling Community Reacts

    The cycling community was left stunned by these revelations which cast doubt over fair play in one of Europe’s most prestigious races. Fans are calling out for stricter penalties against cheating in cycling, with many believing that such incidents damage its reputation beyond repair.

    Lessons to be Learned

    This controversy highlights an ongoing issue within cycling where tactics like drafting behind vehicles can provide an unfair advantage to some athletes while others struggle without assistance. It is important that lessons are learned from this event so we can ensure fair competition throughout all levels of sport.

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