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    19 June 2023

    Paris St-Germain Goalkeeper Recovers from Coma Following Horse Riding Mishap

    PSG Goalkeeper Sergio Rico an annual pilgrimage in the El Rocio region of Huelva, Spain, back in May.

    The Spanish footballer’s family had earlier reported that he was hit by a mule cart and a horse during the religious event. However, his wife confirmed to Telecinco on Monday that he is now awake and recovering slowly outside his Seville hospital. “Little by little, he is recovering and I knew from the beginning that he was going to get better because he is a champion,” said Alba Silva.

    The Journey So Far

    Sergio Rico spent the 2018-19 season with Premier League side Fulham before moving to PSG on loan for one season. He later signed permanently with PSG in September last year and has since made twenty-nine appearances for them so far.

    A Champion’s Comeback Trail

    Rico’s recovery journey might be slow but sure as his wife implied – but one thing remains clear; it won’t take long before we see him back between the sticks saving goals again!

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