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    28 May 2023

    PSG Makes History by Winning Title Despite Controversies, Marking the Departure of Messi and Neymar

    Paris St-Germain’s turbulent yet historic Ligue 1 triumph

    The football world was left in awe when Paris St-Germain secured their 11th Ligue 1 title, cementing their place as the most successful French club in history. However, it’s not just the victory that has everyone talking. PSG’s journey to this triumph was filled with perplexities and discontinuities that have made this win all the more remarkable.

    Difficulties on and off the pitch

    This season for PSG had been one of turmoil both on and off the pitch. The team suffered a slow start under manager Christophe Galtier, who struggled to control a dressing room full of superstars while also failing to establish an identity or style of play for his squad beyond relying heavily on “the MNM”- Messi, Neymar, Mbappe – to create magic plays.

    While these three were undoubtedly some of the most talented players in Europe, they also proved detrimental at times by making PSG unbalanced and disjointed. This weakness led to defeats against Bayern Munich in Champions League last 16 and arch-rivals Marseille in French Cup last 16.

    In addition to troubles on the field, there were several incidents off-pitch including Neymar being targeted by ultras chanting outside his house telling him he is not welcome at their club anymore. Lionel Messi faced suspension from PSG after missing training sessions so that he could go shoot promotional ads abroad; meanwhile Kylian Mbappe publicly criticised Galtier’s tactics early-on before leaking news about wanting out come January despite signing a new deal back in May–all contributing factors towards an atmosphere wrought with tension within Paris’ ranks.

    A summer of uncertainty looms large

    With the exit of coach Galtier, who failed to deliver long-term plans and a disappointing campaign overall, PSG has some big decisions ahead. Several star players are rumored to leave including Mbappe – leaving fans wondering what changes lie ahead for their side.

    While PSG’s dominance in Ligue 1 is undisputed, this season was anything but smooth sailing. Despite the challenges they faced throughout the year both on and off-field, Paris St-Germain managed to secure their 11th Ligue 1 title — a testament to their resilience.

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