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    16 June 2023

    Qualification for Euro 2024: What to Expect as Matches Resume

    Euro 2024 Qualifiers: A Look at How the Home Nations and Republic of Ireland are Doing

    Football is never over, it just keeps going. The latest round of Euro 2024 qualifiers happens this month with all the home nations plus the Republic of Ireland in action. Some teams will not play qualifiers in June, as they’ve already qualified for other tournaments.

    The Qualifying Process Explained:

    The top two teams from each group (seven groups have five teams while three have six) get to qualify for Euro 2024 alongside Germany who automatically qualifies as hosts. The remaining three slots will come from play-offs based on last year’s Nations League results.

    A Quick Update on Each Team:

      • England: They took early control of their group by beating Italy and Ukraine in their March games; they face Malta on Friday followed by North Macedonia a few days later. Analytics company Nielsen Gracenote calculate England having a 97% chance to achieve direct qualification.


      • Scotland: They’re also doing well after beating Cyprus and securing an epic win against Spain. Looking forward to piling up some more points when they go against Norway then host Georgia. Nielsen Gracenote chance Scotland getting direct qualification stands at about 73%


      • Wales: Starting off with a draw in Croatia followed by a win over Latvia, Wales hopes to keep up its unbeaten record when hosting Armenia before traveling to Turkey. Their chance of direct qualification stands at 63%.


      • Northern Ireland: They started off with a routine win in San Marino, then lost against Finland. Next up they visit Denmark followed by hosting Kazakhstan. It’s tough for them as their chance of direct qualification is only about 9%.


    • The Republic of Ireland: In March, the Republic of Ireland played one qualifier and suffered a spirited 1-0 defeat by France in Dublin; however, they hope to turn things around when they visit Greece before hosting Gibraltar. The possibility of achieving direct qualification for them stands at only 7%.

    In Conclusion:

    These are exciting times for football fans everywhere as the Euro 2024 qualifiers continue this month. Keep an eye out for more updates on how each team is doing and who will be making it through to the tournament.

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