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    14 June 2023

    Qualifying for Euro 2024: Meet the Sports Psychologist Who Helps Wales Players Stay Focused

    Unleashing the Power of Performance Psychology in Welsh Football

    Welsh football has always been known for its unique brand of camaraderie and team spirit. From tales of quiz nights to table tennis tournaments, these off-pitch activities have become an integral part of Welsh football folklore, culminating in some breathtaking performances on the pitch.

    But this is not just a coincidence. This is all thanks to Dr Ian Mitchell, head of performance psychology at the Football Association of Wales (FAW), who has borrowed a blueprint from England to create a winning mentality within the team.

    The Role of Performance Psychology in Modern Football

    Mitchell’s role extends far beyond organizing fun activities for players. He believes that there is a duty to support the mental demands of the game, just as much as we support physical or technical demands.

    In preparation for their first Euro 2024 qualifier against Armenia in Cardiff on Friday, June 16th, he emphasizes how crucial it is to tap into this work: “It seems crazy that the game doesn’t always afford opportunities to implement that when it comes to preparation and recovery.”

    A Unique Approach Towards Mental Preparation


    Mitchell’s approach towards mental preparation mirrors his beliefs about how natural this process should be before any matchday. As someone who was once associated with professional clubs like Chelsea and Merthyr town FC himself, he knows what language works best for players – making him an excellent communicator.

    “We are all here to win,” he says.” But as soon as you start talking about outcomes then pressure comes along.”

    Instead, Mitchell believes in creating an environment that takes away the emphasis of winning and focuses on team building activities like quizzes and challenges – something to distract players from the pressure of performing at their best.

    “When you have fun, you take away fear,” says Mitchell. “And that’s when you have people performing at the highest level.”

    The Psychology Behind Creating a Winning Environment


    Apart from organizing fun activities, Mitchell also emphasizes creating the right environment for players by sending out positive messages about upcoming games and providing suitable downtime.

    Mitchell calls this nudging psychology – which means taking small steps towards changing behaviour or decision-making processes. He finds these little things effective because they help reduce pressure while encouraging trust amongst teammates.

    At Euro 2020, England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford spoke highly of how breathing techniques taught by Dr Ian helped him process emotions after beating Germany during one session.

    The Future Looks Bright For Welsh Football


    Mitchell may be a humble man who doesn’t seek credit for his work but it is evident that he has played a significant role in shaping Welsh football into what it is today. With him back in action as Wales’ head performance psychologist, fans can look forward to more exciting performances on the pitch under Robert Page’s leadership.

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