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    17 June 2023

    Quartararo Expresses Doubt Over Yamaha’s Ability to Take a Big Step in MotoGP by 2024

    Yamaha Struggles to Keep Up with Competitors

    In the highly competitive world of MotoGP racing, Yamaha has been struggling to keep up with its competitors. With only one podium finish so far this year, courtesy of a third-place win by Fabio Quartararo in April’s Americas Grand Prix, Yamaha is lagging behind its rivals in terms of performance.

    The Frenchman is currently leading the way for Yamaha in ninth place in the standings, but he still sits a massive 86 points off the lead. Quartararo has expressed his frustration over the lack of progress made on Yamaha’s M1 bike during his four-year tenure with the team.

    Hopeful for Change

    When asked about Yamaha’s plans for their 2024 bike, Quartararo responded optimistically: “It’s a lot of years that we are waiting for something big, a big change…hopefully they can really provide us a really good bike next year.”

    Despite his optimism, Quartararo admitted that he was not confident based on past years’ evolution and struggles. He acknowledged that while Yamaha works hard to improve their bikes every season, there is no guarantee that these efforts will translate into real improvements on track.

    Fighting Spirit

    Quartararo’s situation at Yamaha mirrors that of Marc Marquez and Honda – both riders have struggled this season due to issues with their bikes. However, unlike Marquez, Quartararo has already met with Yamaha Motor Company CEO Yoshihiro Hidaka to discuss his concerns.

    Quartararo’s fighting spirit is evident as he expressed his desire to win and not settle for mediocre results. “I’m a fighter, I want to win…no one in the team is enjoying fighting for these bad results,” he said.

    A Tough Day on the Track

    Quartararo had a tough day at the German Grand Prix, qualifying in twelfth place and finishing without any points in thirteenth position. He struggled throughout the day due to wet patches on the track that have been problematic for Yamaha in previous seasons.

    In an effort to find a solution, Quartararo emphasized the need for urgent changes: “We have to find a solution as soon as possible…to at least be able to fight for something.”

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