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    18 June 2023

    Quartararo praises Marquez despite multiple crashes in MotoGP race.

    Marquez Withdraws from German Grand Prix After Fifth Crash

    In a puzzling turn of events, Marc Marquez withdrew from Sunday’s German Grand Prix after crashing for the fifth time during the warm-up session. Despite suffering a small fracture on his thumb, he was declared fit to race by the MotoGP medical team.

    This season has been full of discontinuity for Marquez, who missed three rounds due to an injury sustained during a crash in Portugal. He has yet to see a chequered flag in any grand prix and has only managed one podium finish in the Algarve sprint race.

    Despite his struggles, many still consider him to be the best rider out there. Fellow racer Fabio Quartararo offered praise for Marquez’s dedication and perseverance:

    “He’s mentally one of the strongest here, and one moment has arrived where you get injured…Who crashes five times just to try to be better, to try to be on top? It’s strange to say this but congratulations for what he is doing.”

    Quartararo can relate as he too is facing similar challenges with his Yamaha bike this year; managing just one podium finish so far. He explains that it’s all about finding balance between speed and control:

    “The Honda is turning a little bit better than us but on braking we are a little bit better than them…So this can avoid crashes a little bit. But you are on the limit all the time.”

    The Frenchman struggled at Germany finishing 13th despite gambling with soft tires while others went with medium rears instead – an error he admits:

    “Totally wrong because from lap one basically, I needed a little bit more grip for the first laps and actually I didn’t have more grip…Wrong decision with the tires.”

    While Quartararo’s performance was disappointing, he admits that his potential was no higher than 10th place.

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