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    17 June 2023

    Rachel Atherton secures third place in Mountain Bike World Cup Downhill for Britain

    The Astonishing Triumph of Valentina Holl in the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup Downhill

    In a breathtaking display of athleticism, Austria’s very own Valentina Holl emerged victorious in front of her home crowd at the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup Downhill held in Leogang. With a time record-breaking time of three minutes and 23.222 seconds, she left Switzerland’s Camille Balanche behind to take first place.

    However, Great Britain also had representation on the podium when Rachel Atherton took bronze with a respectable performance despite finishing over seven seconds off the pace. Another British cyclist who participated was Phoebe Gale, who finished fifth.

    This win by Holl comes hot on heels after last week’s triumph for five-time world champion Atherton at Lenzerheide where she won yet another gold medal and increased her tally to an astonishing forty World Cup medals.

    Valentina Holl Shares Her Winning Secret

    “I mean everyone is here I also have massive expectations for myself and to do it here finally feels so good,” said an elated Valentina post-race interview with Eurosport.
    “I think my bike was just going so much faster because in the first three corners I thought ‘oh my God it feels different’ but my mechanic did a really good job, to make it a lot firmer and it went a lot faster and helped me keep up my speed all the way down to finish.”

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