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    05 June 2023

    Recalling one of the most remarkable moments in sports: Alistair Brownlee’s instinctive act

    Unbelievable Moment in Sports: Alistair Brownlee’s Selfless Act of Brotherly Love

    It was a scorching day in Cozumel, Mexico, where the world’s top triathletes gathered to compete for the championship title. Jonny Brownlee had been leading the race and was just moments away from clinching the victory when he collapsed due to heat exhaustion.

    Alistair Brownlee, his older brother and fellow competitor, approached him and instinctively put his arm around him. Without hesitation, Alistair ran with Jonny towards the finish line while pushing him forward to take second place. Alistair then crossed the line behind his younger brother to claim third place himself.

    This selfless act immediately went viral; viewers were profoundly moved by what they saw on their screens. The scene has been described as one of the most incredible moments in sports history.

    The Brothers-In-Arms

    The Brownlee brothers are legends of triathlon racing – both have won Olympic gold medals and ten world titles between them. They are known not only for their athletic prowess but also for their fierce rivalry on track.

    In Rio 2016 Olympics, they claimed gold and silver medals respectively – an accomplishment that cemented their places among Britain’s greatest sporting siblings ever.

    “I knew we were going to come first and second in Rio,” said Alistair recalling about it at CNN interview;

    He added, “…and he (Jonny) said to me ‘relax don’t overheat’.”

    Despite their fierce rivalry, when Jonny’s life was on the line, Alistair put aside all competition and acted purely out of brotherly love.

    The Perfect End to the Perfect Year

    Alistair recounts that he was running along thinking about having a cold beer after finishing. He wasn’t too concerned about his position in the race.

    “This is the perfect end to the perfect year,” he thought while rounding a corner towards where Jonny lay collapsed.

    Within seconds, Alistair grabbed his younger brother and started running towards the finish line with him – an instinctive action that still baffles him today.


    The Brownlee brothers’ story is one of sibling rivalry, triumphs, and remarkable sportsmanship. However, it’s this selfless act at Cozumel that captured everyone’s hearts. It will forever be remembered as one of those moments that define our humanity – putting others first before ourselves – even in fiercely competitive environments such as professional sport. “If anyone deserves a medal for sportsmanship,” said one viewer, “it’s Alistair Brownlee!” .

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