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    09 December 2023

    Ricciardo: AlphaTauri sheds its junior F1 team status

    Ricciardo and Yuki Tsunoda Look Forward to AlphaTauri’s Promising New Chapter

    In an exciting turn of events, Daniel Ricciardo and Yuki Tsunoda have joined forces at AlphaTauri, forming the team’s most experienced driver line-up since its debut in 2006 as Toro Rosso. With Red Bull fully committed to propelling the Faenza-based outfit up the grid under new management led by CEO Peter Bayer and team principal Laurent Mekies, significant changes are on the horizon.

    While eagerly awaiting the official entry list for next year’s World Championship from FIA, fans can anticipate a brand-new name and title sponsorship package that will be revealed soon. This fresh start aims to rejuvenate AlphaTauri’s identity.

    “I feel like we’re going in the right direction,” expressed Ricciardo with optimism when discussing his time with the team so far. “The feedback I’ve provided has been well-received, with action taken promptly. I couldn’t ask for more at this moment.”

    The team appears focused on progress, valuing Ricciardo’s expertise while also harnessing their own motivation. It is evident that they aspire to shed their junior team status and make a mark in Formula One.

    Reflecting upon recent developments within AlphaTauri, Ricciardo highlighted his excitement about what lies ahead: “There is a sense of novelty creeping back into my career – just as there seems to be some rebuilding happening within the team.” The Australian driver acknowledges that both he and AlphaTauri are embarking on a similar path.

    There is an air of confidence within the team, as Ricciardo commends his teammate, Yuki Tsunoda, for stepping up and proving himself throughout the season. AlphaTauri has shown faith in Ricciardo’s capabilities as well, recognizing him as a Red Bull driver and acknowledging his past achievements rather than focusing solely on his time with McLaren. Overall, morale seems high at AlphaTauri.

    Looking Ahead: Positive Progress Despite Missing out on Seventh Place

    Although AlphaTauri narrowly missed out on securing seventh place in the 2023 World Championship to Williams Racing, Daniel Ricciardo does not view it as a significant blow considering their position earlier in the year:

    “I wasn’t present during the initial part of the season,” he explained. “However, witnessing how the team turned things around through updates was truly remarkable.”

    Ricciardo also believes that both he and Tsunoda pushed each other to excel further during races which ultimately benefited AlphaTauri. Consequently, there is much anticipation for what lies ahead next year:

    “Seventh place would have been nice, but let’s not forget that just a few races ago we were discussing our struggle to even finish 10th,” noted Ricciardo confidently.

    This unexpected success serves as motivation for AlphaTauri going forward; it gives them something more substantial to fight for in future competitions.

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