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    11 June 2023

    Rodri expresses joy over Manchester City’s Treble victory as a lifelong dream fulfilled

    Manchester City’s Dream Come True: Seals Treble with Champions League Victory

    In a stunning display of athleticism and grit, Manchester City triumphed over Inter Milan 1-0 to win their first European title in Istanbul. The victory adds to the Premier League and FA Cup trophies already clinched this season, making it a historic treble for the club. Match-winner Rodri expressed his emotions saying that this was indeed a dream come true.

    His 68th-minute strike sealed the deal for Manchester City, adding another accolade to his name after scoring only his second goal in the Champions League. The wait has been long for Manchester City fans who have seen their team come close in previous seasons but never quite get there. However, this year proved different as they faced off against formidable opponents like Inter Milan who defended well and counter-attacked strongly.

    Jack Grealish, England International and recent addition to Man City from Aston Villa also showed his emotions by shedding tears at full-time. He said that winning the treble with such an incredible group of players is truly special. Although he admits he was not at his best during the final game itself, it did not matter because achieving such a feat overshadowed any individual performance. This momentous occasion makes Man City just the second English men’s team ever to win a treble since their city rivals Manchester United achieved it back in 1999.

    Finals are always unpredictable as nerves run high on both sides; however, what sets apart champions from contenders is how they handle themselves under pressure and perform when it matters most – “like animals.” As sports journalists we know how much these moments mean not only to fans but also players themselves who work tirelessly behind closed doors day after day striving for greatness on the pitch. It is inspiring to see dreams become reality through hard work dedication combined with talent – congratulations Man City!

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