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    30 May 2023

    Sam Eggington dominates Joe Pigford with a brutal fifth-round knockout

    All-Action Brawler Sam Eggington Knocks Out Joe Pigford with One Second left in the Fifth Round!

    Jabbing His Way to Glory

    In a fight that promised excitement, Sam Eggington and Joe Pigford began relatively tentatively. However, Eggington quickly found his rhythm using his jab cleverly to clip Pigford’s head before sinking it into the body. He brought quick right crosses with it, catching Pigford off-guard and driving him back.

    A Right Hand That Troubled The Opponent

    The third round saw Eggington’s right hand trouble Pigford further as he caught him on the side of the head. He threw the cross with wicked speed to disrupt Pigford who was being knocked backwards out of their exchanges despite being a knockout artist himself.

    Unanswered Punches & A Brutal Finish

    Eggington continued this momentum landing his cross flush to the chin at the start of round five which wobbled and shook up an increasingly defiant opponent. Though piggy snagged him momentarily on a fleeting success, his vacant eyes gave away just how much he had been hurt as he opened up his arms trying to clinch.

    Eggington hammered in chopping hooks up close rocking him hard with heavy unanswered punches that stopped this bout ending it brutally though there might have been one second left in round five it absolutely needed stopping.

    Bournemouth Man Lee Cutler Boxes Calmly Against Stannard

    Lee Cutler was the first Bournemouth man to box on the bill at the Vitality stadium, and his ring walk garnered a joyous reception from locals. In contrast to other bouts of the night, Cutler’s opponent Stannard boxed calmly from his southpaw stance opening the contest.

    A Nick by His Left Eye

    Cutler picked up a nick by his left eye but he didn’t let that bother him as he curled a right hook round in round five to shift Stannard to the side and began imposing himself. The local favourite pinged Stannard with solid single shots leaving him with swelling over his left eye while showcasing excellent head movement and measuring out counter-attacks.

    Bleeding Freely

    Cutler’s cut started bleeding more freely in round seven yet kept rhythm to his work continuing to bring Stannard onto a left hook. They embraced starting off round ten with Cutler still boxing cleverly showcasing head movement throughout bringing home confidence of result taking it 97-95 before climbing atop corner post celebrating well-deserved victory!

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