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    04 November 2023

    Sauber emphasizes Audi’s resolute dedication to Formula 1

    German Manufacturer Audi’s Plans for Formula 1 Entry

    The German manufacturer made headlines last year with its announcement of a takeover deal with the Sauber team, signaling its official entry as a manufacturer squad in 2026. However, since then, there has been little information revealed about Audi’s progress, leading to speculation about their commitment.

    Earlier this year, rumors circulated that Audi was lagging behind in developing its power unit. More recently, reports surfaced suggesting that the German automaker was even considering backing out of their plans to enter Formula 1 altogether. These speculations were promptly denied by Alfa Romeo team principal Alessandro Alunni Bravi.

    “Audi has a strong commitment to Formula 1,” Bravi clarified. “This decision comes from not only the board but also the advisory and supervisory boards of Audi/Volkswagen.”

    Bravi explained that the lack of communication surrounding Audi’s involvement is due to restrictions imposed by their current partnership with Alfa Romeo.

    “Until the end of the year, we have certain limitations in communicating about our team and future plans,” he stated. “We respect these limitations and do not want to make any announcements beyond what is directly related to races and championships.”

    Despite being planned over several stages until completion in 2026, Bravi emphasized that there is no uncertainty regarding investment plans or financial support prior to Audi assuming full control of Sauber.

    “We are actively working on developing the team structure,” he revealed. “Our recruitment plan is in full swing, with new appointments being made on a weekly basis.”

    He also clarified that Audi’s involvement goes beyond just providing financial support for the team’s development process.

    “There are two owners and shareholders involved, and we have established governance in line with the planned stages of the transaction,” Bravi explained. “This ensures everything proceeds as agreed upon.”

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