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    23 June 2023

    Scottish footballer Jack Dempsey aims to improve Scotland’s performance in the upcoming World Cup

    Jack Dempsey Hopes to Rectify World Cup Fortunes with Scotland

    In an unexpected move, Jack Dempsey has switched allegiance from the Australian rugby team and is now hoping to rectify his fortunes in the upcoming Rugby World Cup. The Glasgow Warriors flanker was part of Australia’s 2019 squad that suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of England in the quarter-finals. As a competitor and professional, this loss had been devastating for him.

    A Second Chance: Aiming for Success with Scotland

    For every rugby player, playing at the world cup is like reaching their pinnacle. For Dempsey, it was no different; he had been waiting since he was 12 or 13 years old for this momentous occasion. However, things did not go as planned during his first appearance on such a grand stage.

    Dempsey says “to get that far and fall short”, he is relishing the chance “to get a second crack”. He aims to make up for all those lost opportunities by putting everything into practice this time around.

    Tough Training Ahead:

    The journey ahead isn’t easy; however, as they prepare themselves against some tough rivals such as South Africa and Ireland during their opening matches at France’s autumn tournament which runs from September through October later this year.

    To ensure readiness for these tough battles ahead during the Rugby World Cup season while keeping in mind last season’s European Challenge Cup final defeat- where they lost 43-19 to Toulon – training will be intense but smart around recovery periods according to Demspey.

    Aiming for Success:

    It’s been a challenging season so far, but the Scotland coaches have done an excellent job of understanding their players’ needs. They’re training real hard in terms of running metres and getting fit, with a focus on being smart around recovery during this time of year.

    Dempsey is hoping to make up for lost opportunities at the upcoming Rugby World Cup. He wants to look back when he’s older and know that he made all his sacrifices worth it by leaving everything out there on the pitch.

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