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    27 May 2023

    Shane McGuigan reveals Lawrence Okolie’s vulnerability ahead of his bout against Chris Billam-Smith

    The Mindset Weakness of Lawrence Okolie: An Analysis

    As the highly anticipated WBO cruiserweight world title fight between Chris Billam-Smith and Lawrence Okolie approaches, all eyes are on their respective training camps. One name that has been central to both fighters’ careers is Shane McGuigan.

    A former coach of Okolie, McGuigan now trains Billam-Smith and brings with him a wealth of knowledge about the champion’s strengths and weaknesses. While Okolie left McGuigan’s gym to join SugarHill Steward, he remains an important figure in how this bout will unfold.

    The Importance of Mindset

    According to McGuigan, Okolie’s mindset may be his downfall in this fight. He sees himself as a business rather than a fighter passionate about combat. This attitude makes him vulnerable because if he loses, his value drops to nothing and he fears returning to regular work life.

    This might prove problematic since Billiam-Smith is someone who knows Okolie well through sparring sessions together over the years under McGuigan’s tutelage. Notably, it appears that when people show respect towards him instead of taunting or provoking him into action – which seems more effective for bringing out his best qualities – then there can sometimes be difficulties getting motivated enough during matches where no clear favorite exists beforehand due partly due at least partially due not knowing what tactics they intend employing against you.

    Size As Both Advantage And Disadvantage

    Another potential weakness for Okolie is his size. McGuigan believes that he could be too big for the weight, which takes away from his performance by reducing snap and vigor in his punches.

    Moreover, Okolie’s mindset when it comes to weight class may also work against him since he seems to believe that he won’t be as effective if he moves up to heavyweight. This belief has led him to boil himself down so that he can have an advantage over other cruisers with a lower body-mass index (BMI). Had he moved up as soon as possible instead of waiting until after age thirty, then there might not have been much room for speculation on this matter.

    The Danger of Underestimating Okolie

    Despite these potential weaknesses, McGuigan knows all too well how dangerous Lawrence Okolie can be in the ring. He rates him highly due to great punching power and athleticism along with superb boxing intelligence.

    In concluding thoughts, while Billiam-Smith might know plenty about Okolie’s strengths and weaknesses through sparring with him frequently under McGuigan’s tutelage over the years leading up-to this momentous fight night; it remains essential not to underestimate the champion who still holds significant advantages on paper going into their matchup at Vitality Stadium in Bournemouth Saturday night.

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