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    06 June 2023

    SportSmart App to Manage Concussion in Grassroots and School Sports


    A new digital injury management platform is set to revolutionize the way head injuries, suspected concussions, and other sports-related injuries are managed. The SportSmart app has been designed by a charitable company established by Ron Dennis, former owner of McLaren F1 team.

    The Mechanics behind the SportSmart App:

    The app allows users to record and manage head injuries, suspected concussions as well as other sports-related injuries with ease. What’s more impressive is that this information can be shared instantly with all relevant parties involved.

    In its initial trials, the app received positive feedback from several quarters. Encouraged by these results; Stuart Andrew – Minister for sport – requested that organizations get involved in promoting its usage.

    This initiative follows UK-wide concussion guidelines aimed at parents, coaches referees as well as players announced earlier this year.

    Critics Weigh In On The Matter:

    Podium Analytics developed the Sport Smart app and it’s CEO Andy Hunt who headed Team GB during London 2012 Olympics asserts that data on concussion among grassroots sports was limited due to coordination difficulties when collating such information hence leading to inadequate research into solving problems associated with brain injury caused by repeated concussions. “We want parents, we want coaches, we want volunteers, we want teachers to know what to do and how to manage the new UK concussion guidelines,” he said.

    Critics have raised concerns that ‘big sport’ interests may influence scientific research into concussions. However, Phil Beaumont – Director of Rugby at Northampton School for Boys which recently emerged as England Under-15 schools champions believes it is still an essential tool in raising awareness on the significance of looking after oneself post-concussion injury. “It means staff are aware of it and students value the significance of looking after themselves after a concussion and start to understand what the injury is,” he commented.

    The Significance Of The SportSmart App:

    The app will enable grassroots sports enthusiasts to track and monitor incidences of concussions with ease. This technology will offer real-time data insights aimed at improving safety while participating in various sporting activities.

    SportSmart has received backing from CVC Capital Partners – a private equity firm that has invested heavily in different sports fields such as football, Formula 1 racing among others. Sporting injuries can alter mental function thereby affecting personal memory retention hence making this initiative quite significant.

    Headway – A brain injury charity estimates that about 1.4 million people attend emergency rooms across England and Wales due to head-related injuries each year; with approximately 95% classified as mild cases resulting from concussions arising from sporting activities mainly experienced by youngsters below eighteen years old who participate in grassroots sports


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