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    14 June 2023

    Surviving Wimbledon’s Depths: Nick Kyrgios’ Journey to Redemption

    Nick Kyrgios Reveals Suicidal Thoughts After Wimbledon Loss

    Professional tennis player Nick Kyrgios has opened up about his struggles with mental health and drug abuse, revealing that he “genuinely contemplated” suicide after losing at Wimbledon in 2019. In a documentary called Break Point, which covers his journey to the 2022 final, Kyrgios disclosed that he spent time in a psychiatric hospital in London after being knocked out by Rafael Nadal in the second round.

    A Cry for Help

    Kyrgios says he woke up after losing at Wimbledon to find his dad crying on his bed. This was a wake-up call for him as he realized the extent of his problems. He sought help and ended up spending time in a psych ward in London where he addressed some of these issues.

    The Pressure of Expectations

    In addition to struggling with mental health issues and substance abuse, Kyrgios felt overwhelmed by the pressure that came with having “all eyes on [him].” The constant expectation from fans and critics alike weighed heavily on him causing him significant distress.

    Covering Up Self-Harm Scars

    Kyrios revealed during an interview that during one match, he wore a white arm sleeve to conceal evidence of self-harm scars. His entire arm was covered in marks which were visible proof of how much pain he was enduring both physically and mentally.

    Moving Forward Despite Struggles

    Despite battling suicidal thoughts and other personal demons over the past few years, Kyrios is proud to report that things are looking up. In February last year, Kyrios posted on Instagram about his mental health, saying he had completely turned himself around and no longer takes a single moment for granted.

    Looking to the Future

    Kyrios might have lost at the Stuttgart Open in Germany recently, but he’s back on the court after undergoing knee surgery. With his newfound strength and resolve, we can’t wait to see what he does next!

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