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    16 May 2023

    The Women’s Champions League Final Sells Out for the First Time Since 2010

    In a remarkable turn of events, the 2021 Women’s Champions League final between Barcelona and Wolfsburg has sold out its tickets just days after it was announced. This is the first time that this event has been sold out since way back in 2010.

    The match will take place at Eindhoven’s PSV Stadium on June 3rd, where more than 34,000 people are expected to attend, making it the biggest crowd ever to have attended a women’s game in Netherlands history.

    Nadine Kessler, Uefa Managing Director of women’s football said: “This sell-out is another sign that we have reached a new level.” It proves that women’s football is becoming increasingly popular – not just with fans but with investors too who can see opportunities here.”

    A Clash Between Two Teams for The Ages

    Barcelona made their way into this year’s finals by defeating Chelsea while two-time champions Wolfsburg beat Arsenal at home during the semi-finals. This sets up an exciting matchup between these two heavyweights.

    This isn’t Barcelona’s first rodeo as they find themselves in their fourth final within five seasons; however, for Wolfsburg winning Championships hasn’t come easy due to defending title champions from some years ago (2013-14). They last won back then so they’ll be hungry coming into this one.

    A Record-Breaking Event Awaits Us All!

    Last year these teams met each other in the Champions League semi-finals, and it was watched by a whopping 91,648 fans at the Nou Camp.

    The Women’s FA Cup final held this past Sunday at Wembley Stadium showcased Chelsea beating Manchester United to win. This event had an impressive crowd of over 77,390 people in attendance showing that women’s football is rapidly becoming one of the most viewed sports globally.


    This year’s Women’s Champions League Final between Barcelona and Wolfsburg will go down as a historic moment with more than 34,000 tickets sold out within days after it was announced — something that hasn’t happened since 2010.

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