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    12 June 2023

    “Tour Feminin of the Pyrenees called off due to safety apprehensions”

    Unforeseen Circumstances Force Cancellation of Tour Feminin des Pyrenees

    The highly anticipated Tour Feminin des Pyrenees faced an abrupt termination after just two stages due to safety concerns. The three-day race in south-west France was met with complaints from riders regarding the lack of road closures and marshals, making racing conditions “highly dangerous.”

    This unfortunate decision was brought about by the excessive presence of cars on the road, causing significant panic among racers. Multiple teams withdrew before Sunday’s final stage, leading to a joint statement from governing bodies.

    UCI Statement on Race Termination

    “To maintain the safety of the riders, the decision has been taken to stop the Tour des Pyrenees,” said Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) representatives following consultations with key stakeholders such as CPA, teams and commissaires.

    Riders stopped racing during Saturday’s second stage in protest over their safety while competing. After taking a vote among competing teams -17 against proceeding with last-stage versus seven for-, CPA resolved that it is not worth endangering lives for a bike race event.

    “Considering the safety risks involved, we firmly believe that a bike race is not worth endangering female cyclists’ lives,” said Adam Hansen- president of Riders’ union CPA- , supporting women cyclists’ decision to discontinue racing.”

    Feminine cycling enthusiasts who had looked forward to this year’s edition were left disappointed as they witnessed its premature end barely two days into what should have been an exciting competition spanning across several locations: starting at Argeles-Gazost and finishing at Bosdarros.

    Marta Cavalli Emerges As Leader

    FDJ Suez’s Marta Cavalli emerged as the leader after the second stage, while cycling enthusiasts and fans alike expressed disappointment over the event’s untimely conclusion.

    Aspiring cyclists who may have wanted to participate in this race are advised to take note of safety measures put in place when organising races. Bikers must always be aware of their surroundings at all times and should only engage in competitions with adequate security measures.

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