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    26 May 2023

    Tyson Fury in talks for summer fight in Australia, as Demsey McKean eyes historic opportunity

    The Puzzling Possibility of Tyson Fury Fighting Demsey McKean in Australia

    In a curious turn of events, talks are currently taking place to arrange a boxing match between WBC heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury and Australian boxer, Demsey McKean. Rumors suggest that the fight could take place this summer Down Under.

    A Surprising Contender for Fury?

    Many people were left bewildered when news broke about the potential matchup. The undefeated McKean has never faced world-class opposition before, whereas Fury is widely regarded as one of the best boxers in the heavyweight division today.

    However, according to Angelo Di Carlo – McKean’s manager – his fighter is not an unusual choice at all:

    “Not at all. He wants to create history [and win the] world heavyweight title in Australia.”

    Mckean has previously expressed interest in fighting other high-profile fighters like Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte. Despite these ambitions, he has yet to secure a major bout against any top-tier opponent.

    Potential Venue and Date for Fight

    The Suncorp Stadium located in Brisbane is being suggested as a possible venue for this highly-anticipated championship fight if negotiations can be finalized successfully with both teams and Queensland state government.

    An August date is reportedly being considered by event organizers who are hoping to stage one of this year’s biggest sporting spectacles which would appeal globally especially after stadium sports resume post-pandemic..

    A Curious Choice for Fury

    It is worth noting that negotiations between Fury and Oleksandr Usyk, where an undisputed heavyweight clash was discussed, fell through earlier this year. While the boxing world still hopes to see these two square off in the near future, Fury remains without a scheduled bout at present.

    The possibility of him fighting McKean has left many experts puzzled – especially given the Australian’s relatively untested status as a fighter. Nevertheless, there are some who believe that this match could make sense after all.

    A Clash of Fighting Styles?

    One potential reason why Fury may have been hesitant to fight McKean in the past is due to his southpaw stance:

    “Again it came down to not wanting to fight a southpaw.”

    Fury may be keen on taking on Usyk later this year who in fact is also a south paw. Could it be possible that he feels like he needs more practice against fighters with such stances? It definitely adds another layer of interest and intrigue around what would otherwise seem like an unlikely matchup.
    Only time will tell if this match comes together or not but one thing we can say for sure: it certainly isn’t lacking when it comes to puzzling possibilities!

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