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    06 December 2023

    Unveiling the Hidden Insights of McLaren: An Exposé on their 60th Anniversary Celebration

    McLaren Celebrates its 60th Birthday in Style

    In a remarkable turn of events during the 2023 Formula 1 season, McLaren showcased impressive development that caught everyone by surprise. This timely boost came as the legendary team celebrated its momentous milestone – turning sixty years old! Although it has been over a decade since their last title win in 2008, McLaren still holds an esteemed position in two crucial F1 metrics: grand prix wins and drivers’ championships.

    To commemorate this rich history, a grand celebration was organized for McLaren’s diamond anniversary. The event, co-hosted by Matthew Jeffreys – a former long-term engineer at McLaren – and Richard West – the team’s ex-sponsorship coordinator, took place on November 8th at the Old Thorns Hotel in Hampshire’s picturesque town of Liphook. Over three hundred past and current employees attended this special evening, including many members of the exclusive ‘McLaren Old Boys and Girls Association’. Notably present was Ron Dennis himself, who is regarded as one of the most distinguished figures associated with McLaren.

    The occasion brought together key individuals from all aspects of McLaren’s history across various racing disciplines such as F1, Indycar, and Can-Am. Former staff members dating back to employee number three Howden Ganley were joined by important relatives like Amanda McLaren (daughter of founder Bruce), Sally Dean (widow of Teddy Mayer), and Freddie Hunt (son of James Hunt).

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