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    16 June 2023

    Vinicius Jr to head player-led anti-racism committee at Real Madrid

    A New Era: Vinicius Jr to Lead FIFA Anti-Racism Committee

    Real Madrid’s Brazilian forward, Vinicius Jr, is set to lead a special anti-racism committee formed by FIFA. This decision comes after the young star was racially abused multiple times during last season. The committee led by Vinicius will suggest stricter punishments for discriminatory behavior in football.

    FIFA President Gianni Infantino made this announcement recently and emphasized that there will be no tolerance of racism in football anymore. He further added that games should be stopped immediately if such incidents occur on the field.

    Infantino also mentioned that apart from imposing disciplinary actions and competition bans, FIFA will pursue legal action against abusers in countries where racism occurs during football matches.

    “We need to hear the players’ voices and their needs so we can work together towards creating a safer environment,” said Infantino. “We are very serious about it.”

    “We will implement very blunt and strong punishments to end, once and for all, the problem of racism in football. As president of Fifa, I feel I needed to talk personally with Vinicius about it,” he continued.

    The latest incident occurred when Valencia supporters hurled racial slurs at him during a match played earlier this year. La Liga President Javier Tebas faced criticism for his handling of the case as he advised Vinicius Jr on social media platform instead of taking immediate action against Valencia supporters who caused outrage among fans around the world. Brazil is currently playing friendlies against Guinea in Barcelona on Saturday followed by Senegal next week Tuesday as part of an anti-racism campaign. In response to leading the committee, Vinicius Jr expressed his gratitude and said, “I’m overwhelmed and thankful for the huge support I received from everywhere. Infantino came today to show his support and asked me for advice on which players I think should be on the committee FIFA is creating. I think it’s important and necessary, I embrace it.”

    Spain has also agreed to play Brazil in a friendly match at Bernabeu stadium in March next year.

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