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    06 June 2023

    WBC President: Lawrence Okolie May Compete for Bridgerweight Title

    The World Boxing Council Open to Lawrence Okolie’s Move into Bridgerweight Division

    Lawrence Okolie, former WBO cruiserweight world champion, might have found a new route towards claiming another title. The World Boxing Council (WBC) is expressing openness to his move into the newly-created bridgerweight division.

    Bridgerweight: A Division with “Many Virtues”

    The WBC recently created the bridgerweight division at 224lbs. Although no other world title sanctioning body has recognized this weight class yet, the WBC believes it has “many virtues.”

    According to Mauricio Sulaiman, President of the WBC, moving up from cruiserweight to bridgerwight could be a possibility for fighters who want to grow into heavyweight just like Evander Holyfield did in his career path.

    Sulaiman also emphasized that this new division offers fighters a route towards an eventual title fight at heavyweight without having to give up too much weight initially.

    Potential Shot at WBC Title

    If Okolie moved up from cruiserweight and entered the bridgeweight category, he would rank within this new division and could position himself in the frame for a shot at the WBC title there. The current bridgerweight titlist is Lukasz Rozanski, who recently won against Alen Babic to claim the belt.

    However, it should be noted that this newly-created division does not have the same level of credibility as other established championships. This means, Okolie would need to work hard to prove his worthiness within this weight class if he wanted to become a top contender.

    Sulaiman’s View on Bridgerweight Division

    Sulaiman emphasized that despite pushback from some boxing enthusiasts who are resistant towards changes in boxing, every single bridgeweight fight has been sensational so far. He highlights how this new weight category showcases small heavyweights with good athleticism and power. “It’s small heavyweights, with good athleticism, power,” said Sulaiman. “Great fights.”

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