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    02 June 2023

    West Ham players reportedly walk off pitch following alleged racial abuse at seven-a-side tournament in the US

    Racial Abuse Allegations Lead to West Ham Walkoff

    West Ham United walked off the pitch during their match against Dallas United after one of their players was racially abused. The incident took place at the inaugural £1m Soccer Tournament event, held in North Carolina from May 31st to June 4th. The game was stopped with only a few minutes remaining on the clock, with Dallas leading 2-0. After a long pause, West Ham players left the field in solidarity with their teammate who had suffered racial abuse.

    Organisers of The Soccer Tournament investigated and concluded that Dallas United violated TST’s code of conduct. As a result, Dallas withdrew from competition. “We seek to run an event that is not only fiercely high stakes for all competitors but also one in which all competitors feel safe and protected,” said a statement by organisers. “All parties involved are unified in wanting to make a statement against racial insensitivity.”

    Former Premier League players Cesc Fabregas, Clint Dempsey and Landon Donovan were among those taking part in this newly created seven-a-side tournament featuring past and present players representing 32 clubs worldwide. The incident brings back memories of former Hammers player Anton Ferdinand’s racism row with Chelsea captain John Terry back in 2011. Terry was found not guilty but banned for four matches while being fined £220k by The Football Association (FA). This unfortunate episode highlights how discrimination towards athletes continues to be prevalent despite growing efforts towards inclusion across sports events worldwide.

    It serves as another reminder that everyone must stand shoulder-to-shoulder when it comes down to fighting any forms of abuse or prejudice against people based on race or other discriminatory factors such as gender identity and sexual orientation. As soccer fans around the world continue following tournaments like these, let us hope we can see more positive changes soon – both within football itself as well as broader society.

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