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    07 June 2023

    West Ham supporters assaulted by Fiorentina fans prior to Europa Conference League championship match

    West Ham Fans Attacked by Fiorentina Supporters in Prague

    Czech police have detained several people after a violent attack on West Ham fans by Fiorentina supporters before the Europa Conference League final in Prague. The incident occurred at a bar located on Rytirska Street, leaving three individuals injured including one police officer who was also attacked.

    Attack Details and Testimonies

    A witness claimed that “a large group” of Italian fans walked past the Tek-ila Tek-ila bar in the city center swinging bands and chains. Minutes later, another big group came down the road and attacked them. According to reports, one of his friends sustained a massive cut on his head during this altercation.

    A teenager said that it was unfair as West Ham fans had done nothing wrong while Fiorentina supporters were throwing flares and firecrackers.

    Police Arrests Made After the Incident

    The Czech Police confirmed they had made arrests following this attack with restrictions imposed on personal freedom for at least sixteen people involved. Meanwhile, preparations continue for tonight’s Europa Conference League final which starts at exactly eight o’clock British Summer Time (BST).

    Safety Concerns Raised Amidst Football Fan Violence

    This event has once again highlighted football hooliganism safety concerns ahead of major tournaments across Europe despite efforts put into place to prevent such incidents from happening. Fans are advised to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities or behavior when attending matches both locally or internationally. Stay tuned as we bring you more updates about this story as it develops.

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