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    06 June 2023

    Worcester Warriors Women praised for displaying exceptional character by their coach Jo Yapp

    Worcester Warriors Women Show Resilience in Premier 15s Season

    The Worcester Warriors Women’s sixth-place finish in the Premier 15s this season is a testament to their resilience and determination. Despite facing uncertainty earlier in the campaign, they fought back from a half-time deficit of 21-7 to draw 33-33 against Harlequins.

    A Challenging Season for Worcester Warriors Women

    This was indeed an inspiring performance by the team, considering that earlier on in the season they were suspended from playing following financial difficulties faced by their parent club, which had gone into administration. With contracts cancelled, players were left uncertain about their future with the club.

    However, after securing funding through local sports management business Cube International to become independent from the men’s side within Sixways Stadium and given permission by Rugby Football Union (RFU) to take part this term, things started looking up for them again.

    A Fighting Spirit Prevails

    “I’d have taken sixth place if you offered it back in October when we weren’t even sure of our future,” said Jo Yapp, director of rugby at Worcester Warriors Women.”It shows how resilient our group is.”

    In March this year with long-term funding secured courtesy of Cube International,the women’s side were awarded their top-flight spot for next season despite some hurdles as £50k was needed over summer before new funds kick-in. But all these challenges have only served to make them stronger! “The Crowd Makes A Massive Difference”

    Their final game against Harlequins showed just how far they’ve come as a team since those dark days early in the season. Yapp knows that while uncertainty surrounds the future of the men’s team, it is essential for fans and supporters to back their women’s side who are flying high and making them proud.

    “We’ve kept going through all of this,” said Yapp. “There’s still a Warriors team here.” She added, “This is what we want to build on next season. We want every game to be an event and get the crowd behind us – the community can make a massive difference.”

    Final Thoughts

    The Worcester Warriors Women have shown incredible strength throughout this trying season by putting up excellent performances despite all challenges they faced off-field. It’s heartening to see such resilience by both players and staff as they continue building towards even greater heights next term!

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