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    01 February 2024

    Assessing Andretti’s Shortcomings: An Evaluation of F1’s Fairness

    FOM Rejects Andretti Cadillac Bid Due to Lack of Competitiveness

    The Formula One Management (FOM) has made a bold statement regarding the shortcomings of Michael Andretti’s bid with Cadillac. In no uncertain terms, FOM expressed its doubts about the team’s ability to reach an acceptable level of performance. As a result, FOM saw no added commercial value in having them on the grid, despite their famous name.

    Furthermore, FOM dismissed the idea of Andretti entering in 2025 and having to build cars for both the current regulations cycle and the 2026 reset within two seasons as naive. It believed that this was an unrealistic expectation for any new entrant.

    Competitive Edge is Crucial

    FOM emphasized that adding an 11th team to Formula One would only be justified if it brought significant interest and contributed to raising the overall level of competition. To achieve this, a new team would need to strive for podium finishes in the mid-term.

    However, recent history has shown that becoming a successful new team in Formula One is extremely challenging. While Haas managed to survive as a newcomer, it has yet to improve upon its best result of fourth place at the Austrian Grand Prix in 2018. In fact, Haas finished last in the constructors’ standings in 2023.

    In contrast, when Haas debuted in 2016, it achieved sixth and fifth-place finishes but benefited from a more traditional business model that is now obsolete. The gaps between existing teams have narrowed significantly over time, making entry into Formula One even more competitively demanding than before. With rising values due to budget caps and increased exposure of teams participating in Formula One nowadays, acquiring or taking over existing teams has become increasingly difficult under these market conditions. Andretti’s Appeal Falls Short

    While Andretti Cadillac appeared set to break this pattern, it would have been unreasonable to expect immediate success from the team within its first three seasons. FOM argues that if Andretti Cadillac cannot compete for podium finishes, it fails to bring sufficient commercial value to justify an additional spot on the grid.

    Raising Interest with American Involvement

    The decision is somewhat perplexing given Liberty Media’s desire to expand Formula One in the United States. The Andretti name remains a household one due to their racing legacy and frequent appearances in mainstream media and popular culture. Teaming up with General Motors, a fellow US powerhouse, and including Californian IndyCar star Colton Herta as one of its drivers seemed like a winning combination for capturing the attention of North American viewers. Moreover, having such an arrangement could potentially increase interest in attending domestic grands prix. Interestingly enough, Haas has not capitalized on its American identity nor employed any US drivers during its tenure in Formula One. Therefore, commercially speaking, an alliance between Andretti – Cadillac – Herta appears more intriguing than some of the current midfield teams. However, looking beyond emotional factors and considering practical commercial aspects may shed light on FOM’s motives. The growth of Formula One in America has largely been influenced by Netflix series “Drive to Survive” rather than active participation from American teams or drivers.

    *This content was written by an AI language model but modified by a professional sports journalist fluent in English.

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