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    01 February 2024

    Hamilton: Departing Mercedes F1 squad for Ferrari the “most difficult choice”

    Breaking News: Lewis Hamilton Set to Leave Mercedes at the End of the Year

    In a shocking turn of events, it has been announced that seven-time Formula 1 champion, Lewis Hamilton, will be leaving Mercedes at the end of this year. The news comes after a day filled with dramatic developments and rumors surrounding his future in the sport.

    The Bombshell Move:

    Hamilton’s decision to activate an exit clause in his contract has left him free to join rival team Ferrari for the upcoming season in 2025. With this unexpected move, speculation has been put to rest and fans are left wondering about the implications for both Mercedes and Hamilton’s legacy within F1.

    An Amazing Journey:

    Speaking out for the first time since confirming his departure from Mercedes, Hamilton expressed mixed emotions about leaving a team he has been associated with for over a decade.

    “My time with this incredible team has spanned over eleven remarkable years,” said Hamilton. “Together, we have achieved great things that I am immensely proud of.”

    Hamilton continued by reflecting on how much Mercedes had become an integral part of his life since joining them at such a young age. “Leaving was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to make,” he confessed. Despite this sentiment, he conveyed excitement about embarking on a new challenge in his career.

    A Grateful Farewell:

    Showcasing gratitude towards everyone involved during his time at Mercedes, Hamilton highlighted the support he received from key figures such as team principal and CEO Toto Wolff. “I will forever appreciate the incredible backing from my Mercedes family,” he acknowledged. He also expressed a desire to finish his final year with the Silver Arrows on a high note.

    “My commitment remains unwavering, and I am determined to deliver my best performance this season,” emphasized Hamilton. With only one more year remaining in his contract with Mercedes, he aims to leave behind an unforgettable legacy before embarking on his new journey.

    A New Chapter Begins:

    Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff accepted Hamilton’s decision to join a rival team but expressed excitement about exploring their options for the future.

    “Our partnership with Lewis has been unprecedentedly successful, marking a significant chapter in Formula 1 history,” said Wolff. While recognizing that their collaboration would naturally come to an end at some point, Wolff asserted that Hamilton would always hold importance in the motorsport legacy of Mercedes.

    Looking ahead, Wolff noted that although change brings uncertainty, it also opens up opportunities for growth and new possibilities within the team dynamic. However, for now, their primary focus lies on delivering a strong performance throughout the upcoming 2024 season.

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