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Blackburn vs Norwich: Football Prediction & Betting Tips. England – Championship

In an intriguing Championship face-off, Blackburn Rovers are set to welcome Norwich City to their den. Fresh off securing a vital point against Cardiff City, the Rovers faithful have more reasons to cheer, notably the elusive clean sheet that’s been as rare as a blue moon this season. Currently perched at the 16th spot, the Rovers’ trajectory has seen a slight uplift since John Eustace stepped into the managerial spotlight, succeeding Jon-Dahl Tomasson. With Eustace at the wheel, Blackburn has carved out two draws from the rough, both away, against Preston and Cardiff, showcasing a resilience on the road. Yet, it’s within the familiar confines of their home ground that Rovers have truly flexed their muscles, losing only once in their last six, a testament to their burgeoning fortress. The spotlight beams brightly on Sammie Szmodics, the Championship’s leading scorer, whose prowess will be pivotal against Norwich, especially recalling his dazzling brace in their 3-1 triumph in the previous encounter.

Canaries Singing a Different Tune

Contrastingly, Norwich City’s journey has been a rollercoaster of emotions. The pressure cooker was on full blast for David Wagner following a disappointing defeat to Rovers earlier in the season. However, the Canaries have since found their wings, charting an impressive course with just four losses in their subsequent 18 matches, including a remarkable spree of five wins in their last seven outings. Despite their away form not mirroring the stronghold of Carrow Road victories, Norwich has ascended to the 8th spot, a whisper away from the playoff whispers. Their offensive firepower has been nothing short of spectacular, with 58 goals that eclipse all but the top four contenders, although their defense has let through 50 goals, a figure only surpassed by one other in the top fifteen.

Key Points to Watch

  • John Eustace’s home debut as Blackburn’s commander-in-chief is ripe with anticipation. His early tenure has been marked by strategic draws away from home, hinting at a potentially different game plan on familiar turf.
  • A clash of the titans in defensive vulnerabilities, both Blackburn and Norwich belong to the select group of eight in the Championship leaking 50 goals or more, setting the stage for a potentially high-scoring affair.
  • Historical head-to-heads tilt in Blackburn’s favor, with three wins out of their last four encounters, a psychological edge they’ll be keen to exploit.
  • The away team’s dominance in recent meetings adds an intriguing layer, with five out of the last six matchups being won by the visitors. Norwich’s last home victory over Blackburn in April 2019 stirs memories of a rivalry rekindled.
  • Goals galore expected as these teams dominate the Over 2.5 Goals statistics, with Blackburn’s matches seeing a whopping 76% surpassing this mark, followed closely by Norwich’s 64%.


In conclusion, as the stage is set for an enthralling Championship showdown, the blend of tactical novelties under John Eustace and the high-octane offense of both teams promises a spectacle. With both sides showcasing a penchant for porous defenses yet lethal attacking prowess, the prediction leans towards a riveting, goal-laden match. For those inclined towards the thrill of sports betting, this match presents an alluring canvas of possibilities.

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