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    10 March 2024

    Tyson Fury discusses potential matchup with Anthony Joshua: The importance of styles in boxing

    Tyson Fury Confident in Defeating Anthony Joshua and Discusses Retirement Plans

    Tyson Fury remains steadfast in his belief that he will emerge victorious against Anthony Joshua, expressing his anticipation for a potential showdown with the fellow heavyweight boxer. The prospect of facing off in a series of bouts that could lead him into retirement excites Fury as he prepares to challenge Oleksandr Usyk for the undisputed heavyweight championship on May 18.

    Attending Joshua’s recent dominant performance against Francis Ngannou in Riyadh, despite having faced challenges against Ngannou himself last October, Fury dismisses the notion that this outcome dictates how a clash between him and Joshua would unfold. He emphasizes the dynamic nature of boxing and highlights how individual styles can significantly influence match outcomes.

    “Boxing is an intricate sport, constantly evolving. Styles play a crucial role in determining fight results, and I believe my style is tailor-made to overcome his,” said Fury confidently. “Once I navigate past Usyk, then it’s time to focus on AJ. This bout signifies the pinnacle of British boxing.”

    Fury envisions staging one of their encounters in Saudi Arabia while contemplating another at Wembley Stadium—a symbolic culmination signaling the endgame for him as an athlete seeking ultimate glory and fulfillment within the ring.

    “Undisputed champion crowned,” proclaimed Fury regarding his aspirations post-Joshua encounter. “It’s time to bid adieu to professional fighting and cherish precious moments with my beloved wife and family.”

    When questioned by DAZN host Kate Abdo about repeating similar sentiments previously expressed, Fury chuckles before admitting his persistent optimism. “I’ve reiterated this vision numerous times; akin to a boomerang, I persistently return!”

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