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    14 June 2023

    Adam Azim plans to rearrange Aram Fanyan match and take on George Kambosos: ‘I am confident I can defeat him’

    The Disappointment of Adam Azim’s Withdrawal Due to a Severe Infection

    In what would have been the headlining fight at York Hall, Adam Azim has had to withdraw from his upcoming bout against Aram Fanyan due to an unexpected and severe infection. The disappointment is palpable for the fighter who was looking forward to showcasing his skills in front of fans.

    During one of his final sparring sessions before the fight, Azim found that his left hand had swelled up horribly. Upon further examination, it was discovered that he had developed a severe infection which prevented him from competing in the ring.

    “Everything was going so well in camp,” said Azim. “I was feeling sharp and strong until this happened.” The fighter expressed frustration over being forced out of the match by doctors’ orders but remains optimistic about rescheduling the contest as soon as possible once he has recovered fully. Azim also shared how much he wanted both hands ready for his next bout so he could give a great performance and knock out Fanyan using that very same hand. “He’s definitely dangerous,” admitted Azim when asked about Fanyan’s fighting style. “He’s enthusiastic about winning and will be trying hard for his country.” Aziz added: “This would have been my toughest fight yet, I want to go into it fully prepared with no injuries or infections holding me back.” In terms of future plans after recovering from this setback, Aziz wants at least two more fights under his belt later this year. Furthermore, among those on top of his list is George Kambosos – former unified lightweight world champion and the only man to beat Teofimo Lopez. Azim believes he has what it takes to stop Kambosos, citing his power-punching style as a key advantage over his opponent. “I was surprised that Haney didn’t stop him despite hitting him with so many shots,” said Azim. “But we have different fighting styles, and I know my skills will be enough to knock Kambosos out.” In conclusion, Adam Azim’s withdrawal from the fight due to an infection is disappointing news for fans who were eagerly anticipating the showdown between him and Fanyan. However, the fighter remains optimistic about rescheduling the match in future once he has healed fully.

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